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Joe Biden: The Titan Or The Dwarf On President Obama’s Foreign Policy Team?

This article first appeared in Russian and English on the website of the Strategic Culture Foundation (Фонд Стратегической Культуры), Moscow, Russia. The Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, is famous for his gaffes.  From time to time, Biden says things … Continue reading

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The True Colors of Quality Journalism

Please meet Michael Hockney, a Canadian photographer and the Artistic Director of the Project "Colours of Russia."  Take a look at these pictures and enjoy the peculiar mixture of simplicity and sophistication created by the hand of an experienced professional: (I'm certainly biased because … Continue reading

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Pravda On The Potomac-8 (What The Washington Post Wrote About Russia In August 2009)

Remember Salvador Dali's "Premonition of Civil War"?  It would seem that the Post's authors have spent the whole summer in a state of premonition of a new Russian-Georgian war.  Persuaded by a bunch of professional Cassandras that another attack of … Continue reading

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