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Sakartvelo Revisited: Russia Must Adopt A New Georgia Policy

The opposition to Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has cornered itself by making his resignation the only demand of the street protests in Tbilisi — and the only topic of a potential dialogue with the authorities.  Meanwhile, the protest actions organized by the opposition are … Continue reading

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Pravda On The Potomac-3 (What The Washington Post Wrote About Russia In March And Early April 2009)

Not surprisingly, the Washington Post's March coverage of Russia has been an intense warm up before the April 1 meeting, in London, between presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev.  Having established itself as a major foe of the emerging U.S.-Russia dialogue, the Post didn't miss a … Continue reading

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July Deliveries

One of the remarkable features of the first personal meeting between presidents Obama and Medvedev was that it didn't turn personal.  Mindful of the "looking-in-the-eye-sensing-the-soul" trap, both leaders were all business.  If by any chance their conversation was held in Russian, they … Continue reading

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