Halloween 2008

Last year, my wife and I bought a new house.  Having moved into a new neighborhood, for the second year in a row, we truly enjoy arguably the best part of Halloween: trick-or-treating.

Our previous house stood on a busy street where only a few parents would allow their kids to go to.  Only our immediate neighbors and our children's friends used to show up at the door — to the great grief of my wife, who, being the typical Russian woman that she is, always bought more candy than we could possibly distribute.  Unused stuff polluted the house for weeks thereafter, as our kids preferred to digest their own, hardly earned, trick-or-treating loot.

Our new house sits in a cul-de-sac in a quiet upper-middle-class neighborhood near Boston.  Last year, we were almost taken off guard by the number of trick-or-treaters who chose to ring our doorbell.  The flow of visitors fortunately stopped at the moment when my wife was emptying the very last pack of candies and we were frantically counting $1 bills to cover for the rest. 

This year, we were fully prepared.  Seven 12-ounce packs of Milky Way (three), Snickers (two), and Crunch (two).  $10 total expense.

I didn't count the number of trick-or treaters last year, but it feels like yesterday, there were more kids.  No, I'm not rushing into speculation that this increase has anything to do with the ongoing economic crisis.  But I did wonder how many moms and dads of our visitors have been already affected by the wave of layoffs in Massachusetts.

As a person working for an Internet company and as a blogger, I'm used to counting "visits." So here are the stats of my personal Halloween 2008: 11 visits, 40 kids.  Four witches, three princesses, three clowns, three soccer players, two cats, two pirates, two Spidermen, a mouse, a Devil, a soccer referee,  a Sandy from the "Grease" (my wife complimented the girl's costume and suggested to take more candy.  She did with a remark: "A good costume pays off"), a Mummy, a Star Warrior, a thief, a "Halloween costume" (whatever it means), an alien, a ghost, a "happy" (whatever it means), a cheerleader, a "living death" (whatever it means), a vampire, a Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz", a "vampirish girl" (as explained), a sorceress, and a ghost bride (a beautiful, most likely real, bride's costume).  Also three accompanying adults: a Captain Cook, a Darth Vader, and an Elvis Presley.

As the night progressed, I had a nice feeling that for the first time in weeks, the real monsters of the world – the Obamas, the McCains, the Sarah Palins, and the Putins — were far-far away from me and my family.  It felt wonderful.

About Eugene Ivanov

Eugene Ivanov is a PMI-certified Innovation Management Consultant who helps organizations increase the efficiency of their internal and external innovation programs.
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4 Responses to Halloween 2008

  1. Alex says:

    You did not mention Bush or Dr. Rice but did say “Putin”(-s)…I will have to report you to Peter!

  2. Igor privet!
    Don’t be “yabeda!” As for Bush and Rice, they are the monsters of the past already.

  3. Alex says:

    Here it is called “dobbing” ( to dob on smbd., to dob somebody in). While the Australians like to say that to dob on me mate is one of the mortals sins, punishable by denying a beer for one week, my experience shows that it is, in fact, one of the most common behavioral traits – although considering the harshness of the punishment, it is done anonymously. So – beware – after 14 years, I ought to acquire some of the local culture.

  4. Bjorn says:

    Items on Russia
    1. Health care is good. Expand operations. Deep Brain Stimulation, strengthen bones and nervous system
    2. Physicists scientists No. 1
    3. The pressure is good. See a shit newspaper Aftonbladet
    4. Work rules are bad. There are many qualified outside and inside the idiots
    5. Media is good
    6. The science is bad. 25% of the state budget
    7. The army is good
    8. Prostitution is appalling. Abolished
    9. U-båtsflottan is good. But it would broadcast the en 7 vessels and 4 submarines
    10. Kaliningrad to make a major naval base. Nuclear weapons state
    11. Law
    12. Making Osama bin Laden to the king in Chechnya
    13. Making Obama to King Hussein of Iraq. Obama black skull regime.

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