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This Is The World That Rudy Lives In

The world that the Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani lives in — and wants us to live, too — "is a dangerous place."  Ridden with "violence", plaqued with "collapse of governance",  Guliani’s world also struggles with "the spread of chaos … Continue reading

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The Clinton Foreign Policy: Will Hillary Pick Up Where Bill Left Off?

I bet that when the Foreign Affairs magazine asked top U.S. presidential candidates to articulate their foreign policy views, Hillary Clinton wasn’t particularly happy.  Clinton’s status as the front-runner in the Democratic nomination race — when the probability of tripping … Continue reading

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On “K.G.B.” and “Czechoslovakia” (A Lame Duck Candidate Presents His Lame Duck Foreign Policy Views).

John McCain, one of the G.O.P. presidential candidates, has made a splash recently by uttering openly Russophobic statements.  Frantically, analysts in Moscow began to ponder what the McCain presidency would mean for the future of U.S.-Russia relations. For those folks, … Continue reading

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